Tag Christof is a photographer and writer based in New York and New Mexico. He holds an MA from Central Saint Martins in London and studied additionally at Parsons School of Design, UCLA, and the University of New Mexico. He has photographed on the road in 49 states for his documentary project, America is Dead, and formerly served as editor-in-chief of Human Being Journal


Recent press and publications

A New Nothing, ongoing photographic conversation with Maggie Shannon
Motel 69, book with Jamie Ho (forthcoming)
Forget Them 10
, editor-at-large (forthcoming)
Grafik, "Motor Mouth," photo essay
Interview Magazine, feature on Art x Resist
Art x Resist, "Watergate" Tag Christof x Planned Parenthood

US of America #1, artist profile and photo essay
Apartamento Magazine #18, "Making Meaning" roundtable with Susan Sellers, Andrew Zuckerman, Sam Grawe
Monopol - Magazine fûr Kunst und Leben, "Alles nur billige Schnappschüsse?" group feature
Boat Magazine #12, "Inhabiting Space & Time: How the Faroe Islands Were Built," essay
Swamp Yankee by Maggie Shannon, book intoduction
Grafik, "Dead Good," photo essay
Hello Mr. #6, "Geography Lesson," essay
Forget Them 09, portraiture feature curation and essay
Shape Shift Report "The Identity Issue," featured artist
Lodestars Anthology – The Canada Issue, "Modernist Montréal," photo essay
The Today Show, video clip of Riviera Las Vegas implosion

President's, artist-in-residence
Human Being Journal 7, editor-in-chief
Human Being Journal 6, editor-in-chief
Compost #1, "Ladrillo por Ladrillo" ("Brick by Brick"), photo essay and cover photo
Seventh Man Magazine, artist profile
Boat Magazine, "A Bygone Exuberance," artist interview